Certificates and Licences

Quality management

The reason for satisfaction

Today, quality is the main characteristic that shows the difference between all the homogenous procucts in the market. A costumer normaly expects best quality and total fulfilment of his requirement.

The fundamental standard ISO 9001 defines the quality management as "fine-tuned interplay between performance and leading of a organisation with focus on quality".

To improve the products quality, Böhmer decides to start-up and continue an ambitious quality management.

For ensuring and improving quality, most companies implement a quality management.

Energy management

Responsibility and sustainability

The economic and responsible use of energy and it´s carriers should be one of the main targets of everybody. Especially energy intensive industries make every effort to reduce the energy consumption as far as possible. The motto is: "As less as possible, as much as needed".

To identify the limit of the "needed" as exact as possible, we implemented a energy management in 2013. It has the task to show optimisation potentials and to introduce measures. Points of attack were detected using regular controlling, documentations and data storing.


Here you can find the certificates of all our licences of various classification societies.